How to Fix Damaged MOV Files?

  • Efficiently fix damaged MOV files on Windows and Mac OS

  • Offers a preview feature after repairing MOV file to judge the tool’s efficiency

  • Fix different kinds of MOV and MP4 file corruption issues including the error messages

  • Supports various brands of camcorders like Contour, GoPro, Sanyo, Canon, Nikon etc.



Video files are stored in the computer, cell phones, USB drives as a file, just like other files stored on the storage devices. Among the millions of video file formats provided by the digital devices, the MOV is one of the common video file format that is being generally used by many users to watch video songs, movies etc.

MOV file format is a basic file format of the QuickTime Player. The MOV video files recorded by most of the digital cameras and camcorders save the file in .mov extension. This MOV video file can be played on any media player and also supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. The users who use MOV files are also aware of the vulnerability of this file type. These MOV video files might get damaged or corrupted due to various reasons like if a user tries to change its file extension when the transferring of the MOV file is interrupted etc. When MOV file gets corrupted or damaged due to any of the reasons mentioned above then the media players refuses to play it and as a result, the user will lose access to its contents and MOV file becomes unplayable.

An ultimate video repair solution

If you have come across any of such MOV file corruption, and so you might be wondering how to fix damaged MOV file. However, now there is nothing much to get worried about how to repair damaged MOV video files as repairing of such damaged MOV file is not a difficult task. The most reliable MOV Video Repair Tool can easily fix damaged MOV video files. MOV Video Repair Tool is one of the best among those video repairing utilities which effortlessly repairs damaged MOV video files in a short span of time.

The MOV Video Repair Software can fix corrupted MOV files with great ease. It perfectly supports repair of the large-sized MOV video files using its built-in advanced algorithm that helps in repairing the video files effectively. The audio and video part of a damaged MOV file are separated, repaired and then rejoined to make a file that is accessible. MOV Video Repair Software to fix damaged MOV is- a non-destructive software that means the corrupted files are not further damaged and other files that are saved on the drive are not affected.

It has a simple graphical user-interface using which you can easily come to know how to fix damaged MOV file without any technical guidance. It has a complete automated repair process, you just need to click the buttons and repairing process will be automatically done. Other than MOV files, it also has an ability to repair MP4 video files.

Why prefer MOV Video Repair Utility to fix damaged MOV?

  • Fix video codec problems – Video codecs are the computer programs that are required to play a video file. It is used to encode and decode a movie file. There are different codecs available for different types of files. Sometimes your video file does not work properly or gives strange errors which make you unable to play the MOV video files and MOV video files can be rendered as useless. This problem could be due to codec issues and hence it has to be fixed to make your MOV video files accessible. Visit here to know more about how to fix damaged MOV video files that have codec issues.
  • Compatible with latest operating systems – MOV files are used on both Mac and Windows Operating Systems. Therefore a repairing tool should be compatible with both the Operating Systems. MOV Video Repair Software is the perfect tool that works effortlessly to fix damaged MOV file on Mac and Windows of all the latest releases like Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, and Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 respectively.
  • Repair encrypted and synchronization errors – Errors like 8971 or 2096 occurs frequently if the MOV video file is corrupted and you try to play it. Sometimes you even find a green screen that overlaps the video of the file. But the most common problem is audio-video not synchronized with each other. In this either the audio lags behind the video or the other way round. As a result, sometimes, you may be able to hear audio but cannot see video or the other way round. In such case, you can make use of MOV Video Repair Software to repair damaged MOV video files that are not synchronized properly. To know more about the in-detail process of MOV video repair with audio-video sync issue, visit
  • Other corruption issues – Other common MOV video file corruption issues that may lead to damaged MOV video files are the header corruption or broken files due to an improper compression or upload, improper download, incompatible media player etc. In order to overcome from all these MOV video file corruption scenario, you can make use of advanced MOV Video Repair Tool to fix damaged MOV video files. Using this reliable application, any user can easily get to know how to repair broken MOV files that won't play in Windows and Mac. If there is any compatibility issue with the media player and due to which your MOV file is damaged and you are unable to play it using any media player then also you can make use of this MOV Repair Software that can easily fix damaged MOV file due to application compatibility issues.

Steps to fix Damaged MOV Files

Step 1: Run the MOV Repair Software on your computer

Step 2: Specify the location of the video file that needs to be fixed

Step 3: Continue to hit on the Repair button

Step 4: As the tool returns success message you can preview the media

Step 5: The repaired video file can be now saved to a suitable storage location

Useful Tips:

1. Always have a backup of your significant MOV video files so that, it will be helpful in any disaster moments.

2. Use a licensed version of the anti-virus tool in order to scan your storage device. Because the virus may corrupt the file header of your MOV video files and makes it inaccessible or unplayable on any of your media player.

3. Avoid using any unreliable third-party application to change the video file extension and to compress the video files.

4. Avoid an abrupt termination of media player or a sudden system shutdown while playing a MOV video file.

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