Tool to Fix GoPro MP4 File

GoPro is a high definition camera used for capturing extreme action video photography. It is known for being compact, lightweight and mountable in usual places such as planes, cars, boats, motorcycle, etc. It is always the first choice for competition shooters, athletes, adventurous racers, etc. The videos which are captured in GoPro cameras will be saved as .mp4 format. Images and videos of HD quality can be captured through a wide angle lens. The video file saved on this GoPro camera can often be quite large and generally large files are the main reasons for corruption.    

A couple of months ago, you might have taken a GoPro camera for recording some great athlete’s footage and all the videos were saved in the MP4 format. While continuously recording the footage of athlete’s, suddenly it turned off due to low battery. After returning home, when you connect the GoPro camera to the system via data cable, some of the footage got corrupted and it was not playable. As a result of this, you were so upset and wanted to know how to fix GoPro MP4 video file? Don't worry! Here is the solution for fixing GoPro MP4 video file. By making use of Fix Damaged MOV tool, you can fix GoPro MP4 video file with great ease and it helps you to even fix video codec problems in MOV files.

General scenarios where the GoPro MP4 file might get corrupt:

  1. Abrupt Removal of Memory Card: When filming from GoPro camera, memory card must not be removed. If the memory card is removed abruptly while shooting some footage, then the MP4 file might get corrupted.
  2. Sudden Shut Down of the Computer: Sometimes, GoPro camera MP4 file might get corrupted due to sudden shutdown of the computer while playing MP4 videos on GoPro camera attached to it.
  3. Interruption during File Transfer: If there is any interruption like turning off the GoPro camera at the time of transferring MP4 files to the computer then it might result in corruption of GoPro MP4 file.
  4. Frequent Freezing of GoPro camera: The GoPro camera freezes only if there is a need of an update of the camera’s software or some issues with the SD card. If the GoPro camera frequently freezes while accessing the MP4 file, then there are chances of MP4 file getting corrupted which are stored in it.

To overcome all the above situations, make use of Fix Damaged MOV tool. This tool helps you to know how to fix GoPro MP4 file safely.

Salient Features of Fix Damaged MOV tool:

Fix Damaged MOV is the best tool for fixing GoPro MP4 video files efficiently. This tool fixes the various types of MP4 and MOV file corruption issues including the error messages. It is one of the best among those video repairing tools, which can effortlessly fix GoPro MP4 file within short duration of time. This tool has an advanced built-in algorithm, which helps in repairing the large sized MP4 video files and MOV video files. It separates the audio and video part of GoPro MP4 corrupted file to fix and rejoins to make it accessible. This tool can efficiently fix damaged MOV files on Windows and Mac Operating System. To know how to fix MOV file on Windows version, visit this page: It has simple graphical user interface using which you can easily come to know how to fix GoPro MP4 file without any technical guidance.

Procedure for fixing GoPro MP4 video file:

Step 1 – Download & install the evaluation version of the tool & run it to know how to fix GoPro MP4 video file.

Step 2 – From the main screen, select the healthy (for reference) and corrupted MP4 video file & press “Repair” button to start fixing GoPro MP4 video file.

Fix GoPro MP4  - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Step 3 – This will initiate the repairing process.

Fix GoPro MP4  - Repairing starts

Fig 2 : Repairing process

Step 4 – After it is finished, a summary report is displayed.

Fix GoPro MP4 - Summary report

Fig 3 : Summary

Step 5 – Preview & save the repaired files.

Fix GoPro MP4  - Save Repaired

Fig 4 : Save Repaired