Fix broken MOV Files that Won't Play

  • An advanced utility that fixes unplayable MOV media files in quick steps
  • The powerful video repair algorithms scan and recreate a healthy version of the file
  • The repair process will not alter the content or the quality of the video file
  • Inaccessible, unplayable, broken or corrupt MP4 files can be easily repaired
  • Supports restoration of QuickTime videos, videos recorded on a camcorder, MP4 files and others

The MOV is a file format developed by Apple to work efficiently with multimedia files and playing QuickTime movies. MOV video formats are also used in the digital cameras and one can find these files on the web so that they can be downloaded and played on Windows as well as Mac operating systems. It is able to contain abstract file references for media files have made it more popular. That means it can be easily edited according to the user requirements.

There are times when you might face problems while playing your favorite MOV files. Your MOV files might have stopped responding or becomes broken due to various reasons like faulty digital video camera firmware, very large size videos, etc.

Consider a situation where you are capturing a video of any special event/occasion. After capturing the video when you try to review it, you find that the videos are corrupt. You might see some sort of error message that will not let you play the recorded videos. However, the Fix Damaged MOV tool will definitely help you repair your broken MOV and it also helps to fix a GoPro MP4 video file. This program works perfectly with both the leading operating systems; Windows and Mac. It uses its the advanced repair algorithms to repair broken MOV files that won't play. This software is equipped with a completely automated repair process to fix corrupt MOV files on Mac OS without making any further damage to them, learn more about it by visiting this page:

Different reasons which result in a broken MOV file, are -

  • Faulty digital camcorder: Your MOV files might get broken due to a faulty firmware of your digital camera. This defect results in the corrupted video files that are not playable in your Windows Operating System. As here is one of the effective MOV file repair tools, there is no need to worry. This software can repair damaged MOV file on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.
  • Large sized MOV files: There are times when you may come across a situation when you keep on recording the videos without being aware of the total size or the free space that is available on your memory card. This might cause your MOV files to get broken.
  • Broken MOV file while converting them: When the video format is converted from MOV to AVI or MOV to FLV or MOV to MP4, there are chances of the MOV files getting corrupted. This can be due to an improper file conversion that is a result of unsuccessful file conversion. This affects the video codecs that helps in playing a video file. To know more about repairing movie files with codec problems, visit here.
  • MOV files are broken after recovery failure: If your MOV file gets deleted or lost and you recovered it using an unreliable third-party tool then there is a chance that the files turning inaccessible. Usage of any kind of unreliable third-party restoration tool might cause a very serious damage to your files including your favorite video files.
  • Header corruption: If your operating system displays error messages while playing a MOV file, then the header of the MOV file which contains important details such as date of creation, size and other details of the file, might have corrupted. This may lead to the breaking of your MOV file and unsynchronized audio & video. You can find more about it by going through this page:

Note: This software is also capable of repairing corrupt MOV file header with utmost ease. For more details, you can visit this link:

How to repair broken MOV files that won't play?

Step 1 – Download and install the MOV repair software on your system.

Step 2 – On the main screen, select the broken MOV file & hit the “Repair” button.

How to Repair Broken MOV Files that Won't Play - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 3 – The tool will start the repairing the broken file.

How to Repair Broken MOV Files that Wont Play - Repairing starts

Fig 2: Repairing process

Step 4 – After that, a summary report is being generated.

How to Repair Broken MOV Files that Wont Play - Summary report

Fig 3: Summary

Step 5 – Preview and save the repaired file.

How to Repair Broken MOV Files that Wont Play - Save Repaired

Fig 4: Save Repaired