Repair Out of Sync Movie Files

  • An extra-ordinary software that resolves out of sync issues with the movie files
  • Broken, corrupt, unplayable or erroneous video files can be fixed within clicks
  • Designed with a strong scan engine that recreates a healthy video file
  • Allows no chance of modifications or breaches to the source data
  • Supports movies on computer drives, external HD, camcorder videos, QuickTime files etc.

You might encounter a situation where- as you try to play a movie file, you find certain audio lags behind the video or the video lags the audio. This sounds really a frustrating situation and most of the users don’t know how to deal with the problem in a right way. Generally, there are two different kinds of sync problems that you might encounter –

  1. Your video is out of sync from the starting to the finish & the delay between the audio and the video appears to be the same throughout the movie.
  2. Your video file is synchronized in the starting but as the video progresses the video & audio become out of sync.

In the first scenario, the problem can be fixed using a simple audio delay. In the second scenario, the out of sync problem can be fixed by making minor changes in the video frame rate. This is a complicated solution, but mostly it works & removes the synchronization problem. But still if you get the problem, then make use of the Fix Damaged MOV tool. It can perform out of sync movie fix efficiently under following scenarios -

Abrupt system shutdown: Sometimes when your system shuts down suddenly while the MOV file was in the playing mode, then it is likely to get corrupted. Due to this the header and the file structure of the MOV file gets damaged and results in problems like the broken MOV files that refuse to play. Visit here to read more.

Corruption due to virus infection: Viruses can also cause serious problems or damages to the video and other media files stored on your system. Usually, the viruses enter the system via the internet or when you install an infected file. The malicious programs corrupt any file that it encounters. A video file corrupted due to a virus infection could also lead to out of sync or have codec issues. This tool is perfect for repairing video codec problems efficiently.

Improper removal of the external storage devices: While transferring video files from an external storage device to the system or vice-versa, if the external device gets disconnected abruptly then there is a possibility that the files that were being transferred, get corrupted. So, always remove the external devices safely using the proper methods and after finishing the transfer process.

To get rid of any of the above-mentioned corruption scenarios, you should own an efficient repairing tool like Fix Damaged MOV. It is specially built in order to remove the corruption issues in your favorite MOV files. This effective repair tool can also be used to repair QT file in an effective way. The video and audio parts of the damaged or out of sync movie file are separated and fixed. After that, they are joined back together to make a perfectly playable video.

With the help of this software, one can also fix GoPro Mp4 files, which are corrupted. This tool is available in a free demo version, using which you can perform the repairing and preview the file. If the results are satisfying then purchase the full version to save the repaired files. This tool works perfectly on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Visit to know more about the repairing process on all the latest versions of the Mac operating systems. 

How to repair out of sync movie files?

Step 1 – Run the video repair tool on your system.

Step 2 – Browse for the corrupted MOV file on the main screen and click the “Repair” button.

Out of Sync Movie Fix - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 3 – This will start the fixing process. Wait until it finishes.

Out of Sync Movie Fix - Repairing starts

Fig 2: Repairing process

Step 4 – The tool will then display a summary report of the fixing process

Out of Sync Movie Fix - Summary report

Fig 3: Summary

Step 5 – Preview and save the repaired file to the desired destination.

Out of Sync Movie Fix - Save Repaired

Fig 4: Save Repaired